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onsite corporate massage

With the goal of enhancing employee morale and encouraging healthy habits, onsite corporate massage is available for one-time events (health fairs, in-service trainings, etc) or an ongoing basis (year-round or seasonally, for accountants at tax-time, for example). Short chair or table sessions (15- or 30-minute increments) are tailored to address repetitive and stress- related pain issues and to provide deep relaxation so that employees return to work feeling refreshed and renewed. Our online calendar provides a simple solution to managing individual appointments. All the employer needs to provide is a quiet space.

full body massage

Massage therapists at Partners In Wellness offer massage for individuals at several beautiful studio locations. Specialties represented include sports massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology, myofascial release, and massage for people with cancer or cancer histories. Click on "Who we are" to read about training and contact information for each of our therapists. Full Body Massage is generally offered in 60 or 90-minute increments with the goal of addressing pain and stress. Massage therapists with Partners In Wellness are experienced and skilled to provide the very best care available.


The following workshops are currently offered by Partners In Wellness at various locations in the metroplex. Workshops may be scheduled onsite for corporations and other groups.

Relax and Rebuild

Designed for the corporate environment, Relax and Rebuild is a unique program which blends the powerful benefits of guided meditation and resting yoga. The combination of these healing therapies helps participants achieve a very deep level of relaxation, during which participants are guided through a series of life-affirming suggestions and creative visualizations. These meditations are chosen specifically to replenish energy, improve mental clarity, and establish healthy habits.


Extremely popular and affordable, BeStill is a one-hour program featuring guided meditation, massage and aromatherapy. Participants recline comfortably on mats with bolsters and blankets while receiving massage to the head, neck, shoulders and feet. The guided meditation assists with stress reduction, letting go of negative thoughts, and embracing life- affirming thoughts and habits. BeStill may be tailored to specific goals such as smoking cessation, weight loss, healing from disease, or enhancing general well-being. Quote from one participant: "I have never enjoyed such an experience. It was BEAUTIFUL is all I can say."

Restorative Escape

Rest, restore and renew with 90 minutes of massage and resting yoga. Participants will be guided through a series of supported poses designed to gently open and relax the body, while receiving a sampling of other healing treatments including massage & aromatherapy. The ultimate experience in relaxation provided in beautiful venues across the city.

Escape To Go

An intimate gathering designed for home use, Escape To Go is a 90-minute program involving one or several resting poses with massage, wine and hors d'oeuvres using organic and local ingredients (vegetarian or vegan available upon request). A perfect way to entertain friends or to celebrate a special occasion.


Therapists at Partners In Wellness frequently speak to corporate groups, cancer support groups and medical conferences on a variety of wellness topics. These seminars may be adjusted to fit one-hour brown bag lunches or full-day trainings. Topics include:

  • Habits (recognizing how thoughts and behaviors impact health)
  • Relaxation (simple techniques to support wellness)
  • Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep, using visualization to relax and rest deeply)
  • Mind-Body Medicine; Healing Through Complementary Therapy
  • Aromatherapy and Wellness
  • Healing Through Reiki and Other Energy Work
  • Better Health Through Slow Foods
  • Better Health Through Bowenwork
guided meditation

Guided meditation is a practice in which individuals or group members are verbally guided into a relaxed state of concentration and creative visualization, while focusing on the breath. The goals of guided meditation are to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth. Guided meditation may also be used to accomplish a specific objective, such as weight loss, smoking cessation or coping with cancer treatment. Clients of Partners In Wellness find guided meditation to be a very relaxing and effective strategy for creating positive change.


The Bowen Technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy. A Bowenwork practitioner applies light pressure through a minimal number of precise movements over tendons, muscles and nerve bundles. These gentle movements amplify the body's own impulses to self regulate and heal. Bowenwork® is extremely effective in helping with a variety of acute and chronic ailments, including back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia and other conditions that often do not respond to more conventional approaches.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle hands-on technique used to promote health and relaxation. The first documented use of Reiki occurred in Japan in the late 1800s, but it is believed by many to be based on practices thousands of years old. The word itself is broken into two parts in the Japanese language: "Rei" meaning spiritually guided or wisdom of God, and "Ki" meaning life force energy. While the concept of the human body as an energy system is foreign to many Westerners, Reiki (like other complementary therapies, including acupuncture, meditation and yoga) is becoming more widely known and accepted in mainstream America. Yoga, for example, was met with great skepticism in the West as recently as thirty years ago; now yoga is routinely practiced by people of all ages and persuasions. Likewise, Reiki is gaining a foothold in many circles including conventional health care practitioners, clergy, scientists and lay people. It is likely, given the growing body of research documenting the benefits of Reiki, that in thirty years Reiki will enjoy the same widespread acceptance that yoga does today.


Multiple studies confirm that yoga and other forms of moderate, sustainable exercise help people live longer, better and more productive lives. With a range of certified instructors and classes, Partners In Wellness seeks to make movement accessible to all people, regardless of age, fitness level and current health status. Classes are taught onsite as requested. Movement demos may be designed for corporate health fairs or employee in-service trainings.

While group yoga is a wonderful way to learn and practice, private yoga instruction can be an important adjunct to the yoga journey at different points in time and for many different reasons. Individual needs can be addressed with a particular set of poses, breath work (pranayama), meditation, recovery from illness or injury, and/or attention to a specific goal such as flexibility, balance, strength, focus or the development of a home practice.

focus training

Offered onsite and at various locations across the city of Dallas, guided meditation sessions are designed to teach techniques for relaxation and better focus. Patterns of thought and behavior are addressed to manage chronic pain, lose weight and stop smoking. Such patterns may be addressed in small groups or individually. Life coaching is available to help clients meet goals and maximize potential.


Relaxation/Stress Management
Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation

The concept of hypnosis can make many people uncomfortable. There is a fear that the individual is giving up control, or that he or she is being controlled by another person. This is not the case. Hypnosis or a hypnotic state is simply a relaxed state of concentration and focused attention which is guided by an experienced professional, typically a Certified Clinical Hypnotist. The intensity of this concentration allows the individual to make desired changes with amazing effectivenesss.

executive and personal/life coaching

Life is full of opportunities and obstacles, both personal and professional. An experienced Coach from Partners In Wellness can help clarify goals and prioritize plans and strategies. In a safe, supportive atmosphere, ideas are challenged in a way that encourages growth and accountability. Decisions and progress are assessed, and help is provided to maintain focus on achieving one's goals. Coaching may be scheduled for individuals or couples. Corporate "Brown Bag" luncheons are also available for the educational training session titled Goal Setting, Goal Planning and Goal Attaining.